Plan your next vacation to rest & recharge

Example human brainwave patterns. Image from Rest Refocus Recharge, Harper Collins 2020.
  • You were entirely “unproductive.” You may have been engaged in meaningful activities, but you did not contribute toward your work life.
  • You didn’t feel stressed or worried about what was happening in the “real world.”
  • You didn’t check email or other work-related communications.
  • You made arrangements in advance to arrive back to an empty email inbox.
  • You returned home and to work feeling like a new you.
  1. Shorter vacations can have significant improvements on measures of perceived stress, recovery, strain, and wellbeing.
  2. There appears to be no difference between vacationing outside the home and a “staycation”, which has become more common during the pandemic.
  3. The beneficial effects can last for up to 45 days after the vacation!



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Dr. Greg Wells

Dr. Greg Wells

Physiologist, Scientist & Author. Helping people live healthier, high-performance lives via decoding science & sharing actionable tips, strategies and tactics.